Meet Maria Scenna

I’m a working actress based in NYC who repeatedly continues to push the boundaries of performing art. I’ve been compared to Emma Stone, Alyson Hannigan, Kat Dennings, Neve Campbell, and Scarlett Johannsson, to name a few.

I have an interesting and edgy look. My age range is early to mid-twenties and my type includes smart, sarcastic, jaded millennial who is a know-it-all and judgmental, as well as darkly humorous hacker who is quick, can run with the boys, and also loves to one-up them. I have been cast in roles such as sarcastic friend, girlfriend, young mom, wife, nurse, etc., and can play detective, court reporter, lawyer, politician, victim—and the list goes on. I’m also fluent in Italian and Spanish.

I received my BA in Drama and Creative Writing from Lesley University. Since then, I have appeared in numerous short films, commercials, industrials, web series, and photo shoots. I studied acting with Jock MacDonald at Boston Straeon and Terry Schreiber at T. Schreiber Studio in NYC. I’m currently represented by Jo Anderson Talent.

My enthusiasm and strong work ethic has made me a favorite collaborator among the many productions I’ve worked on and I welcome all serious inquiries for press interviews, personal appearances, and future projects!